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Google announced the Pixel 4a on 3rd August 2020 as promised and here we'll do a quick review of the budget phone. It was announced alongside the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5.   We base this review of the Pixel 4a

Gaming & Gadgets

Gaming & Gadgets

Ahead of its launch on 9th October 2021, EA Sports have confirmed that the Italian club, AS Roma, will not feature on FIFA 21. This news comes after the Serie




Today, Monday 3rd August 2020, OPPO A92 is launching live in Nigeria, see how to watch the live event from

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Beans and corn pottage, also known as Adalu is a tasty Nigerian dish. It’s a delicious fusion of stewed beans

While video making and trending has a lot to do with content, understanding how algorithms work can make your video