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Nigerian wonder Kid Eche Chinonso better known as "Amazing Kid Eche” has set a new Guinness World Record for having the most consecutive football touches. 11-year-old Eche Chinonso, from Delta State, broke the Guinness World Record by having a whooping 111

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Gaming & Gadgets

Xbox has announced a beta app on mobile devices that combines gaming functions with communicating with friends and staying in touch with a gaming community.   According to an Xbox statement, it

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Many have had to deal with grief one way or the other. However, it rarely




Microsoft Ignite digital event kicks off on 22nd to 24th September 2020, the company has announced that interested participants can

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It's no secret now that natural oils are great boosters of hair growth. While they're a lot of products in

A pregnancy test strip is a simple way to know one's pregnancy status. The strip checks the presence of HCG

Have ever you seen a perfectly laid out wig frontal and wonder just how it was achieved because you could

There have been conversations about Twitter algorithm being racially biased or openly racist, here we reveal experiments that proves this.   A